luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

Be A Classic Beauty

Educational lesson for my girls :* Think of the women you consider timeless beauties. How do they look in your mind?  Happy, right?  Joy never goes out of style, so just slapping on a smile keeps you en vogue. Try to put high heels :)  they make any outfit a little fancier, but they do more than that. Your legs look longer and your body slimmer when you wear heels, which also help with upper body posture. Slip on a pair for a few extra inches and a lot of added elegance. Enjoy and Be a lady...
Xoxo MissMisha
I chose to wear: 
Rosso Disera Emerald dress
Imperial Leather Jacket
High Hells from Ovye 
All this you can find in Leia Castellani shop

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